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Paid Social Ads

We combine creative design, top-tier analytic tools, and the most relevant platforms to create highly targeted paid social campaigns for your potential customers.
Latest Technologies
Analytic tools that identify the perfect channel fit
Relevant Platforms
Get in front of your target audience in the right places

Business Results. Not Potential Reach

We build modern planning and buying strategies that drive consumers to ultimately do one thing: act.  While the industry has been built on gross potential reach, we’re turning the model upside-down by first understanding where the attention is and respecting the consumer's needs and desires.

Integrated Plan

We leverage data around consumer behavior and transactions to create compelling stories that drive business results. Our goal is to help you scale success across all digital properties.

From Chaos to Clarity

As brand-centric performance marketers, our job is to navigate though the ever-changing digital space and identify opportunities for increased reach and impact. With pitfalls around every corner, we lead with data and expertise.

Tactics We Deploy:

Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Tik Tok Ads
Linkedin Ads
Spotify Ads
Youtube Ads
Audience Segmentation
Multimedia Content Creation
Rapid Testing
Detailed Reporting
How We Do it

Our Approach

Audit - We start with a deep-dive into your business goals, marketing goals, and brand vision. This step helps us identify potential strengths, weaknesses, and new opportunities.
Plan - We develop an integrated marketing plan around your unique brand. In this step, we'll define benchmarks, KPIs, and outline a roadmap to ensure we're headed in the right direction.
Implement - Leave the hard work to us. We put your marketing plan into action, taking the time to measure, test, and make adjustments as needed. Our goal is to maximize your return.
Analyze - We take an in-depth look at results and the data collected, determining an actionable plan that continues to improve the impact of your ads and decreases ad waste.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can I expect to achieve from Paid Social Ads?
Paid Social is a key channel for amplifying your reach and for rapid experimentation to test variations of ads. We continually test copy and visual design on each channel to ensure that we deploy the most impactful campaigns for our clients. Using Paid Social ads, we help you achieve maximum ad impact with the goal of zero ad waste. We strategically spend advertising dollars on the most relevant social networks including Facebook/Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, and Snapchat to deliver the right message to the best audience at the right time in their customer journey. We utilize Paid Social to increase brand awareness, website traffic, and ultimately, conversions.
What makes Mao House Media's Paid Social services different?
Mao House Media has expertise across all modern social network platforms, including Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit. Our intimate knowledge of each channel, along with our rapid experimentation approach, puts our company in a unique position to help you find the right audiences and the most suitable social channels for your brand. Our rapid experimentation disciplines allow us to deploy the most impactful mix of channels, audiences, and ads to help your business achieve results at each stage of the funnel.
What is the key challenge with Paid Social that Mao House Media can help me overcome?
Social channels are more mature than ever before which in turn has led to higher costs and difficulty in maximizing their use. Mao House Media's unique approach is grounded in cultural trends and consumer behavior which allows us to be dynamic and adapt with the customer. We are not simply deploying a single, generic message to the masses. Rather, we leverage our deep understanding of consumers and create our strategies with practicality and empathy for the modern buyer. We stay up-to-date on consumer trends and ensure the best mix of social channels and ads in a quicky changing digital landscape.

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