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eCommerce Marketing

We combine goal-oriented creativity and data-driven marketing strategies to help you increase brand recall and maximize revenue.
A Perfect Pair
Story Telling And Analytics Mixed Optimally
Tailored Strategy
Messaging tailored to customer personas and the medium

CMO Consultancy

Based on where your business is within its lifecycle as well as any current market challenges, Mao House Media will provide a custom marketing plan towards your growth goals.

Competitive & Product Analysis

Our detailed competitive analysis and product marketing strategy provides a 360′ view of your brand and product(s), giving you insight on how to best compete within your unique verticals.

Digital Roadmap Planning

Detailed brand auditing, market research and competitive analysis provides us with clear understanding on how we can capture the attention of your audience and build long-term brand impact.

Tactics We Deploy:

Industry and Competitor Analysis
Audience Analysis
Platform-Specific Creative Development
Web Design
Paid Social
Full-Funnel Creation & Analysis
Landing Page Building
Our Core Objective

Long-Term Profitability

We refine your customer personas and segment your target audience to ensure that your message is delivered to the right people at the right time.
Our team creates a consistent, platform-specific strategy to maximize brand recall and build long-term brand equity and loyalty.
We work to help you achieve stronger creative output, more consistency, and smarter learnings to ensure that you remain competitive and adaptive in your industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is eCommerce marketing
eCommerce marketing is the process of selling a product or service through an online platform. eCommerce marketing aims to guide potential customers through a memorable online shopping experience through marketing campaigns and shopping channels.
Why is eCommerce marketing important?
In today's digital-first world, it’s not enough to only have an online store or website for potential customers to browse. High levels of competition and a fast-growing digital landscape render your online store a ghost town unless you can attract, retain, and ultimately convert customers. A great product or service always comes first, and with eCommerce marketing and a great online shopping experience, we help you build a brand worth remembering.
How is eCommerce marketing different from traditional marketing?
An ecommerce sales cycle is typically shorter than that of traditional marketing. For online purchases, most customers are not put through a nurture campaign with the goal of driving purchase several weeks later. In fact, most ecommerce sales are impulse purchases that take place one week after the first touchpoint. Although nurturing your customers is an important facet of marketing, eCommerce sales often come from quickly getting in front of a conversion-ready audience.
Why is eCommerce marketing challenging?
Increased competition, rapid changes in the digital world and consumer expectations are just a few of the many challenges your business will face when doing eCommerce marketing. Even with a great product, your business will require audience targeting, retention strategies and rapid experimentation to keep from getting lost in the noise.

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