Full-Service Digital Marketing 

 Measured First by Business Results

Mao House Media is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in marketing strategy,  content production, and media distribution.  We drive real-world business results for clients across the United States using modern content, paid ads, customer engagement, influencers, and much more in between. 



How Can We Build Your Brand?

Creative Production

Mao House Media offers a full suite of creative production services including modern video productionphotography, graphic designcopywriting, podcast production, and all things in between. At our core, we believe that the most important element to any modern marketing strategy is a steady volume of valuable content around your brand. Mao House Media brings creative ideas to life through a vetted network of videographers, photographers, writers, editors, designers, & audio specialists.

Paid Media

Today's social and digital platforms allow companies to reach targeted audiences more finely than ever before.


Mao House Media offers paid media planning and buying services that push each ad dollar to work as efficiently as possible. Tightly paired with quality content production, our media planning & buying allows us to distribute content with high impact on your target audience.

Community Management

We build genuine relationships with customers through 1 on 1 interactions. By providing constant support and engagement on your platforms, we aim to provide a smooth buyer experience wherever and whenever it's called for. A human-centric approach will always set your brand apart in a world of over-automation and impersonal service. 


We offer full-service strategy and implementation of eCommerce solutions for both DTC and B2B companies. From fashion brands to golf carts to pre-fabricated homes, whatever your industry, we provide the tools and knowledge you need to compete in your online marketplace.


Our top-down approach covers everything from storefront design and CRM implementation to cross-sells and checkout customization.

Web Design

A mobile-responsive and design-optimized website is no longer optional. Whether your audience reaches you on their phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, having a smooth digital experience can be the difference in gaining or losing business.


Mao House Media offer web design services for your current site. Need a website from the ground up? We work with a vetted network of specialized web developers who can help!

360 Photo & Video

Allow your customers to virtually tour your business from the comfort of their home or office.  Mao House Media produces immersive 360 Street View virtual tours certified and trusted by Google Maps. 


From end-to-end, we take care of the entire process including on-site capture, post-production, and publishing of your virtual tour. All we need is a time and day during which we can visit your business.

Build Your Digital Toolbelt 

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Optimize Your B2B & B2C Marketing Strategy

If your business is not supported by a strong brand presence in our world's current digital shift, you can be quickly buried by competitors. Mao House Media can provide your business with the infrastructure it needs to get through the noise and reach high-value consumers and decision makers. 


Our Process

1). Introduction

Our process begins with a foundational understanding of the business, its competitive advantage, its long term goals, and the industry in which it competes. 


2). Define KPIs and Objectives

Before providing a solution, we must first understand what we are solving. Whether you are selling RVs, fostering leads for a SaaS product, or building awareness in a new market, any effective marketing planning must start with defining long term and short term goals. 


3). Deliver Strategy Outlines  


After an in-depth analysis of the company's social and digital presence, you'll receive several service-package options that each allocate resources differently based on your provided budget. In this stage, we will also define audience segments and profile personas. An account manager will walk you through each strategy behind the different options and the results you can expect.

4).  Campaign Execution & KPI Dashboard

From the moment we launch, we are constantly testing, revising, and optimizing our campaigns. We adjust and shift based on the qualitative and quantitative feedback that we receive from the audiences we reach. As we execute, you and your team will be able to monitor our performance through a personalized dashboard that displays real-time data around your platforms. An account manager will ensure that you understand the importance of each KPI on the dashboard. 


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