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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is eCommerce marketing
eCommerce marketing is the process of building and selling a product or service through an online store. eCommerce marketing aims to guide potential customers through a memorable online shopping experience through marketing campaigns and channels.
Why is eCommerce marketing important?
Today it’s not enough to just have an online store or website for potential customers to purchase. High levels of competition pretty much render your online store a ghost town unless eCommerce marketing is applied. Finding, driving, and ultimately converting customers through eCommerce marketing tactics will give your online store an advantage.
How is eCommerce marketing different from traditional marketing?
Traditional digital marketing usually has three major priorities: completing a sale, securing an email address and boosting brand awareness. An ecommerce sales cycle is much shorter than for other businesses. Most of these customers don’t need to be put through a nurture campaign to purchase several weeks later. In fact, most ecommerce sales are impulse purchases. Therefore, if you focus on nurturing your customers rather than just getting in front of a conversion-ready audience, your marketing strategy will be largely ineffective.
Why is eCommerce marketing challenging?
Increased competition, customer expectations, and customer behavior are just a few of the many challenges your business will face when doing eCommerce marketing. There are approximately 24 million eCommerce websites online today. Without a great product, audience targeting, and retention strategy, your business is in jeopardy of getting lost in the noise. It would help if you had eCommerce marketing agency that moves fast, experiments, and allows your business to create a marketing machine.